About us

We work with all the schools and children’s centres across Guiseley, Rawdon and Yeadon. Our aim is to help every child, young person and family in the area access the activities, guidance, information and support that can enable them to achieve their full potential.

We provide services directly through our own staff and service provision, or work in partnership with a wide range of agencies to respond to needs, for example childcare providers or specialist support such as CAMHS (Child and Adult Mental Health Service).

Our services

Our services include:

Therapeutic Counselling Services

  • Individual short-term counselling for children, young people or parents
  • Therapeutic support for parents and professionals working with children
  • Group-based work tackling issues such as self-confidence, anxiety and stress-management

Family Support

  • Individual home-based support, strategies, guidance and advice
  • Group-based courses and parenting programmes
  • 'Take 3' approach to parenting
  • Webster Stratton “Incredible Years”

Practical Support and Signposting

  • Links with charities and services offering a whole range of support and services from housing and goods to debt management

Funding and Accessing Activities and Events

  • Access to appropriate funding support to enable access to activities, events and in overcoming barriers as well as specialist services such as mental health and drugs

For more information

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